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ECDL Related FAQs

1) How long do I have to complete the course?
We estimate ECDL Essentials to take approximately 15 weeks and approximately 35 weeks for ECDL Extra. Each ECDL Advanced module is estimated to take approximately 20 hours.

None of these estimates include examination time.

If you have completed 50% or more you will be charged 4 tokens for every module that you have not yet completed. If you have completed less than 50% you will have to re-enrol as a new learner and pay the full amount.

At least one test must be passed every two months.

The last module must be completed within three years of passing your first module test.

You may lose access if you don't access your course for a period of 28 days.

note: ECDL Testing sessions will take place during term time only (except for our Llanelli (Graig) campus where exams can be sat 51 weeks of the year).

2) What happens if I do not complete my course at the end of the academic year?
Each learner must re-enrol (if the programme of study is not completed) from August 1st of the new academic year. You will be prompted by your tutor to fill in a re-enrolment form that simply needs printing out and signing before sending to the Virtual College. You will be informed if you are required to pay anything – this depends on the time of year that you originally enrolled in.

3) What is the minimum age to be able to do ECDL?
The minimum age for the ECDL or ECDL Advanced is 16 years old.

4) What software will I need?
You will need access to a computer or laptop which runs on Windows XP or Windows 7, and you will need Office 2003, 2007, or 2010.

The course is not suitable for MS Works or Open Office.

You will need a computer or laptop with access to the internet and you will also need a working email address.

If you wish to enrol on any of the ECDL Advanced modules we have the resources available for 2003, 2007 and 2010. Please note however that if you intend to sit the ECDL Advanced exams with us that the testing software is only available on 2010.

5) How do I book an ECDL Exam?
If you are based in South Wales your tutor can provide you with a list of available dates at Graig and Pibwrlwyd Campus

6) What if I live outside of Carmarthenshire?
The enrolment fee is part funded with Coleg Sir Gar P/T funding and so the reduced fee is based on exams being completed at Coleg Sir Gar.

7) Can I resit a test if I fail?
Yes you can resit once for free at any of our test centres, however subsequent tests will incur a 3 Token charge.

8) What do I need to take?
Please bring some form of photographic ID such as a passport or driving licence ID card. If you do not have either please contact your tutor for more information.

If you can no longer attend after pre-booking a test, please email your tutor as well as to cancel your booking and to re-arrange a date. Non-attendance will incur a 3 Token charge if we are not informed first.

10) Are there any concessions for old age or people receiving benefits?
Unfortunately there are no concessions for part time students.

11) How do I contact my personal tutor for help?
All contact with personal tutors is via email. You are given their email address when we enrol you.

12) What is the ECDL Expert Certificate?
The ECDL Expert certificate is available for all candidates who have successfully completed the four ECDL Advanced modules. This certificate recognises a candidate as a proficient computer user with a comprehensive knowledge and skill level in computer applications, and someone who has gained a degree of intuition in their use.

If you have successfully completed the four ECDL Advanced modules and would like to receive the ECDL Expert certificate please follow the link below to the ECDL website and then follow their instructions.


If there are any issues that you wish to discuss, send us an email to or contact the helpline on 01554 748347 during office hours (8am - 5pm).