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Digital Mentoring


This unit is aimed at teachers and tutors who require their learners to access the internet as part of their chosen course. This unit explains how learners of all ages may be unfamiliar with the internet and how to overcome this barrier.

Digital Mentoring supports the Race Online 2012 initiative by providing the knowledge and mentoring skills needed by Digital Champions and others helping people to get online. A mix of information screens, interactive activities, questions and videos provide, develop, demonstrate and check these knowledge and skills.

There are four modules:

  • the benefits of using the internet
  • how to access and search the internet
  • barriers to using the internet
  • overcoming barriers to using the internet.

The course provides 2-3 hours of online content and a further 7-8 hours of offline guides, activities and other resources. Whilst the content is provided by learndirect the assessment has been developed in partnership with Agored Cymru.

Level One
5 Tokens
Duration: 10 Hours
Awarding Body: Agored Cymru

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